Accessibility Equipment

We have been providing Accessibility Equipment and services in Northeast Pennsylvania since 1995.

We handle projects on turnkey basis. This means site preparation to the installation of equipment with no hidden costs and worries. We guaranty our workmanship and honor manufacturer’s warranty.

Our professional staff will assist you in determining the best equipment to fit your needs and budget.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Portable Ramps

We provide all welded aluminum construction ramps with permanent non-skid surface that is integral to the aluminum and cannot wear off. These ramps are available in solid or folding styles.

Excellent for use as a short fixed ramp or for temporary use.

Modular Ramps

Our Modular Ramp Systems meet the stringent code demands of IBC and BOCA building codes and all ADA and ANSI guidelines.

These ramp systems are customizable, and can be configured to meet the requirements.

Modular Ramp Systems are stand-alone structures. The Ramp System can be attached to any building without any alteration to the building. Therefore they can be easily removed, when not needed, without a trace.

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Stair Lift

Stair lifts make going up and down the stairs a pleasure.

We are authorized dealers of all major manufacturers of stair lifts. Our highly knowledgeable professionals can offer you the most suitable choice of stair lifts to meet your need and budget. All consultations, home evaluations and estimates are always free of charge.

We sell and install both residential and commercial stair lifts.